About Fill the Well

Bluebirds. Bookstores. Barefoot walks. Flowers in concrete. Cinnamon tea. Five deep breaths. Sweet Honey in the Rock. Wool socks. The beginning of rainstorms. Sunrise walks. Bridge pose. Any body of water. Clean hair. Clean sheets. Anne Lamott. Scrambled eggs. Felt-tip pens. Baking bread. Dachshunds. Getting unexpected compliments. Giving unexpected compliments. French braids. Fresh laundry. Dancing with abandon. Outdoor festivals. Bonfires. Beautiful a cappella. Milkshakes. The perfect book recommendation from a friend. New notebooks. Taking a new route to work. Bright scarves. Playing the piano. Sending a care package. Eating everyday food on fancy plates. Sarah Kay’s poetry. Practicing a random act of kindness. City skylines. Day trips. Trying something entirely new.

My name is CJ, and I write about joy.

Not long ago, I found myself at the bottom of my well. Like most well-bottom moments, I didn’t know how it happened, and I didn’t know how to get out. Overwork, transitions, grief, and depression had sprung slow leaks in my energy and my joy, even in my ability to remember what joy was.

In my first entry, I wrote about the moment of quiet wisdom that changed me. There were no magic fixes, no dramatic life change or cleansing detox that would haul me out. Instead:

You have to fill the well. The words appeared as simply and matter-of-factly as the water that poured out of the faucet. You have to fill the well. That’s how you get out. You remind yourself that there are wellsprings of joy in you, hidden beneath the dry sand of despair. You do the hard work of digging for them.  You ask for help with the digging. You create moments every day to get to those wellsprings. And you take that water you find there and pour it into your well, drop by drop, until the water level rises and brings you a little closer to the sunshine.

Fill the Well is a space to live out that wisdom. I write about my daily intentions to find joy and live joy in order to fill my well and keep it full. I dream of this space becoming a well-filling community – a space where we can come to share our joys and fill each other up. I hope you’ll join us.


5 thoughts on “About Fill the Well

  1. Can you link to that first post? I’ve been rock bottom for the last 5 years and I’m a still a ball of being lost, sad, anxiety, gone. Email me if you want…I need some serene direction. 🙂

  2. Hey CJ,
    I was going to email you but I couldn’t find a link. I’ve been enjoying your blog and your stories so much. I’ve found several new bogs through 31 days, but I think yours is closest to where I’ve been. I’m doing a link up on Friday for stories about growing and changing or the journey, or whatever might help someone else. I’d love it if you would come over and link one of your posts.

    • Wow, Anna. Thank you for reaching out. I will certainly link a post on Friday – I would be honored to be in the company of brave souls sharing their journeys.
      (And thank you also for reminding me I need to post my email – I am still figuring out this blog thing!)

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