31 Days

Join me for 31 days of filling the well – finding, naming, and experiencing the joy in our lives. Posts will begin on October 1.  Here is the poem that inspired and will anchor the coming month:

[image source]

Day 1: Welcome to the Well

Day 2: Write Side Up

Day 3: Cooking Never Changes

Day 4: Train For Joy

Day 5: The Joy of No

Day 6: Get Off the Tour Bus

Day 7: Stop Waiting for Paradise

Day 8: The Red Pill

Day 9: Be the Unexpected

Day 10: You Are Good at Things

Day 11: The Letter

Day 12: Closet Clearing

Day 13: Life-Saving Songs

Day 14: The Joy of Imagining

Day 15: Find the Leak

Day 16: Kick Out Fear

Day 17: Love Your Body

Day 18: Be Uncool

Day 19: Intentions in the Real World


6 thoughts on “31 Days

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